Life is cool when you're in the pool!

Welcome to Miles Swim Academy


At Miles Swim Academy, we pride ourselves on delivering inclusive, safe and fun swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. Confidence is built by teaching water safety and swimming skills, through a game-based approach, to ensure children enjoy their learning to swim process. 

By keeping class numbers low, we aim to provide feedback and work towards individual needs, whilst providing engaging lessons and promoting development, alongside other children. 

"Amazing Swim School!! The teachers are professional yet caring ensuring all children are safe, have fun and have respect for the water. I could not be happier for my little girl to swim here, wish I'd have known about them sooner!"


"Laura is a fantastic Teacher, brilliant at attending to the needs of all the learners, adapting to each students abilities, gaining their trust and bringing out their confidence. Our little one was clearly loving her lesson considering she was so nervous before getting in the water."



Telephone: 07935106686

Sawley Junior School

Wilmot St

Long Eaton


NG10 3DQ


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