Due to the Academy being based at Sawley Junior School there is no onsite parking available. Parking is available either at the community centre being only a short walk from the School or parking is also an option on the surrounding streets. Entrance to the School will be through the pedestrian gate at the School's main entrance. 



The Miles Swim Academy has produced this Photography Policy for devices that have photographic and filming capabilities, including all mobile telephones. The following procedures should be followed carefully:

  • all mobile devices MUST NOT be used in the pool building;

  • all photos that wish to be taken MUST have consent from the Swimming Teacher leading the class;

  • poolside shots of swimmers are above waist height only;

  • published photographs MUST NOT state the individuals residence or school attended. 



ALL swimmers must:

  • shower before entering the pool;

  • Use the toilet before entering the water;

  • Blow nose before entering the water;

  • ATHLETE’S FOOT – persons with severe athlete’s foot will not be allowed in the swimming pool or surrounding area unless their feet are suitably covered;

  • VERRUCAE – persons suffering from verrucae must wear a verruca sock;

  • Anyone suffering from any type of stomach upset (diarrhoea or sickness) will not be allowed in the pool;

  • Persons with any infected skin lesion will not be allowed in the pool;

  • Persons with a discharging ear infection will not be allowed in the pool;

  • A swimming hat must be worn by all bathers in order to protect the filter system at Sawley Junior School.


  • No shoes are allowed to be worn in the changing rooms or on poolside and must be left in the entrance

  • Customers are requested not to bring buggies onto poolside


Miles Swim Academy follows a three strike behaviour policy

Strike 1 - this will be given if the swimmer's behaviour or actions are not acceptable (disrupting the class, being unsafe in the water)

Strike 2 - if the behaviour continues, they will receive a further strike

Strike 3 - if the behaviour does not change, the swimmer is told to sit out for 5 minutes

After the 5 minutes of time out are finished, the swimmer is encouraged to get back into the pool. If this behaviour reoccurs, the swimming teacher will have a discussion with the parent/carer of the swimmer to determine the most appropriate way of supporting their child.


Telephone: 07935106686

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